My name is Mehmet Kirman. I was born in Istanbul in 1980. I started my philosophy education at Galatasaray University and continued at Istanbul University, where I graduated. I have been working as a teacher for a long time. In 2019, I decided to improve myself in the field of design, which I had been interested in for a long time, and started studying Visual Communication Design at Topkapi University in Istanbul. Corporate identity, packaging & cover designs, typography, and editorial designs are the design areas that interest me the most. While continuing my education, I had the opportunity to make professional designs for publishing houses, websites, and companies as a freelancer, and provided social media consultancy for collectives and websites focused on queer artists such as Kanka Productions based in Berlin and Velvele based in Barcelona-New York-Istanbul. Since the mid-2000s, I have been working on issues such as body, queer theory, freedom of expression, and refugee crisis by combining my human rights advocacy with my queer identity and art, drawing inspiration from activists and artists who struggle and create in this field. I hope that my designs, like the ones that inspired me, will inspire children and young people with limited opportunities.
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