Royal Wines Logo and Creative Label Design
Wine is one of the most elegant drinks for stylish tables. As Royal Wines, we are proud to produce our wines with different flavors from Turkey's magnificent grapes since 1956 and distribute them to sales points and restaurants all over our country, as well as exporting them to various regions of the world. 
Our "Games" series, which we started in 2022, consists of wines with different flavors produced from 10 different grapes. This series will accompany your elegant dining tables with a slightly bitter taste in your mouth while also engaging you in a game and creating a warm ambiance. It will also be enjoyable for wine lovers who like to drink wine alone. We hope that you will love this series that engages wine lovers with its packaging.  
Bon Appétit!
La Reine Cosmetics Paris Logo and Package Design
Our special production sun cream, produced by La Reine Cosmetics Paris and the best-selling product of the beaches last year, is now in its new packaging...
Smyrna Olive Oil Logo and Label Design
"Smyrna" is the old name of Izmir, and this city has been hosting some of the world's highest quality olive trees for centuries. Our olive oils, produced using the most natural methods without human intervention, begin their journey from the pearl of the Aegean, Izmir, to offer you a first-class taste experience.
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